About the Journal

The Journal of North African Economies A specialized scientific journal, published by Hassiba Ben Bouali University of Chlef is founded since 2004, JNAE aims to become an international economic journal more typically by a continually concern to develop it and by the contribution of researchers and professors .JNAE is a scholarly journal which seeks to publish articles and researches in economic topics that occupy the economic thought and its developments, especially in Algeria and other North African countries. Also, JENA publishes researches interest the Arabic and international economies. It is an open access to publish research of professors and researchers from inside Algeria and abroad in Arabic, French and English language

Publication languages: Arabic, English and French.

The nature of the release: paper and electronic. (The Journal does not give the researcher a hard copy, and the researcher can print a copy or the Journal. (Completely on his account from the electronic version on the site without the need for permission from the magazine).

Electronic management: the Algerian platform for scientific journals ASJP https://www.asjp.cerist.dz/en/PresentationRevue/9

Presence in databases: Ranked third in the Arab world in the ARCIF specialization - present on several Arab and foreign bases, and holder of the Arab Impact Factor Economics is among 78 magazines at the Arab level and fourth in the Arab world in the field of economics, financial sciences and business administration from The number of 681 magazines according to the assessment of 2020 + is among 116 magazines at the Arab level and ranked eighth in the Arab world out of the total number of publications