Academic Writing for French Language Programs: Undergraduate students in Malawi as a Case Study


  • Beaton Galafa University of Malawi – Malawi
  • Nthara Mtende Wezi University of Malawi – Malawi
  • Mulingo Madalitso David University of Malawi – Malawi


Academic writing, French, Malawi, university


The transition from secondary school to university in Malawi necessitates the implementation of purposeful academic skills courses that are intervention oriented. These courses are aimed at equipping students with the necessary competencies, particularly in the domain of academic writing. Given that Malawi is an anglophone nation, these courses predominantly concentrate on enhancing students’ writing abilities within the context of the English language. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that certain academic institutions in Malawi also admit students who are enrolled in French programs or are pursuing French courses. This underscores the importance of developing academic skills training programs tailored to the requirements of French courses. In the present study, we hypothesize that none of the Malawian universities where French programs/courses are offered have courses specifically designed for the acquisition of academic writing skills for the French language. Given this context, the present article attempts to ascertain the assertion of the lack of courses specifically designed for academic writing in French and explores how students acquire and develop the academic writing skills in French in the Malawian university. Data for the study was collected through an online questionnaire Journal of Languages & Translation Vol 04/Issue 01 /January 2024 01-23 Beaton Galafa, Mtende Wezi Nthara & Madalitso David Mulingo 2 distributed to students enrolled in French programs or courses at three higher education institutions in Malawi: University of Malawi, Mzuzu University, and Domasi College of Education. The findings of this study, organized into various thematic categories, provide valuable insights into the realm of academic writing for French language studies within the context of Malawian universities.