Guidelines for authors

The Journal of Languages & Translation covers the latest developments in many fields of research such as language and linguistics, translation and interpretation, discourse analysis, Computer-assisted language learning/teaching, Literature and  Intercultural Communication.

  1. Manuscript Preparation

It is important to consider the fact that acceptance to review an article can be obtained only if manuscripts comply with the guidelines of our journal. So, in order to avoid format rejection, we invite authors to use the Journal’s template. A downloadable template for authors is available in the “Instructions for Authors”; you are requested to use it as a model.

Manuscripts submitted to The Journal of Languages & Translation must fall within the journal's scope.

The Journal of Languages & Translation welcomes original works, which have neither been previously published, nor are they under consideration by another journal.

Only MS Word files can be submitted to the Journal of Languages & Translation.                       

Papers should be 10 - 20 pages, (size A4) including tables, figures, references and appendixes  and  12 point font (Bodoni Bk BT) 1 line spacing.

The margins are 1.5 cm at the top, 3 cm at the bottom, 3 cm on the left, 3 cm on the right.

The Journal of Languages & Translation (JLT) welcomes contributions in either Arabic, English, French or Spanish.

All papers should include an abstract of about 200 words in length and up to five keywords listed in an Alphabetical order. An Abstract in English is expected for all papers.

The title page should include the full title of the paper, the author’s full name(First Name, Family Name), affiliation, e-mail address and ORCID ID.

Start the main body of the paper on page 2.

  1. Manuscript Submission

Papers should be submitted via ASJP  link:

Notice that registration and access are required to submit articles. Only after  registration the author will have an ASJP account through which he can access to the platform.

The submission process is fairly easy, and all that you will need to do is to click on the “Paper Submission” button located in the ASJP platform link.

Also, authors are requested to fill in the information needed before sending their manuscripts: the article’s language, title, abstract, keywords, the author’s full name, affiliation, email.

Articles can be written by different authors; in this case the author can add the information about his collaborator(s) by clicking the “Added Author” button in the “Send an article” field.

Authors submitting suitable manuscripts on the basis of our template are requested to send their article by clicking on the” Send an article” button.

If the article submission process is realized successfully, a confirmation is given on the Platform. The author will then receive via email a notice of an article’s submission, and a notice to the second author via email as a confirmation of co-authorship.

  1. Reviewing Process

After receiving the article, the editor in chief will ascertain of the format compliance. Articles that are incoherent with required format will be declined, and their authors will be notified, to make format adjustments.

If the article complies with publishing format and is eligible for evaluation, it will be sent to one of the associate editors who will send it in his turn to two expert reviewers. The reviewers are sent the submission anonymously and requested to observe a deadline of two months as a maximum to transmitting their reports to the editor-in-chief. In case of contingencies that may extend the deadline, the reviewer is expected to send an early notification to the editor in chief.

The members of the editorial team of the journal perform a blind review of every single submitted manuscript on the basis of a set of criteria, among which originality, timeliness, interest and importance of the topic, proper language, and relevance to the journal’s readership.

If the manuscript is rejected, the editor in chief will inform the author about the decision of the editorial team via platform by sending a message. The author can resubmit his paper by taking into account the received observations.  

The reviewers are provided with an evaluation form available on the platform that determines the criteria of judgment on the paper’s originality, method and data analysis, clarity of findings and discussion, referencing and documentation.

The review report should also include general comments to the editor-in-chief and both general and specific anonymous comments to the author(s) that will be transmitted by the editor-in-chief. If the two reviewers are in disagreement in terms of judgment on the suitability of the paper for publication, further peer reviewing may be ensued.   

  1. Publication Process

The author has to login regularly to follow the status of his/her article by clicking on the icon "Articles" and then "Sent Articles"

 In case, a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author has to log in to complete the process of inserting references without which the article will not be published. The author should add and confirm the references by clicking on the "Add References" button.

Authors are requested to send a Plagiarism Declaration  as illustrated in the Copyright section. Also, they are requested to explain that the publication and intellectual property belong to the Journal of Languages & Translation.

The opinions expressed in the Journal do not necessarily reflect the views of the Journal.


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