Digital marketing and web transcreation Advertising and localization of the Palestinian kūfīyyah in English and Spanish


  • Kaouthar BEKRI Universidad de Alicante- Espana


Transcreation, web pages, digital marketing, localization.


This study aims to highlight transcreation or creative translation in digital marketing and address the cultural parameters for the transmission of the same advertising message to the target text, promoted on web pages. These digital pages, whether bilingual or multilingual , have demonstrated the need to involve the study of transcreation as a persuasive method shared between advertising and digital marketing. Furthermore, the adaptation of an advertising message to another language is related to one of the advertising strategies: localization. It should be noted that transcreation and digital marketing applied to web pages are two sides of the same coin. Both parties share, among other factors, persuasive content, which is quite necessary to convey advertising information about a product to other cultures.