The French Rap as a Space for Apologizing for Violence

Through Words: the Case of the Album «Nero Némésis» by Booba


  • Mahfoudh DEBZA Université Hassiba Benbouali de Chlef


rap vocabulary, verbal violence, vulgarism, linguistic impoliteness, conflict.


This study focuses on verbal violence in rap. To do this, we will analyze the album 'Nero Némésis' from a sociolinguistic perspective, with a focus on aggressive, coarse, and impolite language. We will examine how such words are linked to the socio-economic and cultural dimensions of neighborhoods and communities often described as sensitive. Additionally, we will address the specificities of rap vocabulary, particularly various forms of linguistic incivilities (such as vulgarisms), which are prevalent in these songs. These terms are often associated with interethnic rivalries, money, drugs, as well as ongoing conflicts with local authorities and their representatives. This study highlights the inseparable link between the lexico-semantic choices of lyrics and the living conditions of the rappers. Linguistic incivilities appear to respond more to artistic needs than purely communicative purposes. The conflicts and quarrels expressed through the lyrics reflect the discomfort of young people and depict their reality through aggressive and provocative language.