Technology as a Mediator between the Teacher and the Learner in Fostering Educational Interaction


  • Layla ZOUREZ Mila University Center, Algeria


classroom interaction, collaboration, teacher-leaner relations,, teaching, technology,, learning


The relationship between the teacher and learner has always been an issue under investigation for a plethora of reasons, most important of which is the centrality of this relation in the teaching/learning process. Teachers’ characteristics and learners’ expectations are essential conditions for positive teacher-learner relations. This reciprocal relationship, known as interaction, can take a number of forms, and is fulfilled via various ways. EFL research greatly emphasizes the advantages of all types of educational interaction and more specifically teacher student interaction. The traditional form of the latter is classroom interaction which takes place face-to-face. However, the change that is taking place in our world has equally affected our EFL classrooms including the pedagogical practices as well as the materials and media used in teaching. The use of technology has recently become omnipresent in EFL classrooms, and it is used by both teachers and learners. Connecting with their teachers via technology using smart phones or computers, learners can be more engaged in learning and ready for collaboration and positive interaction. This paper aims to investigate EFL teachers’ awareness towards incorporating technology for interactional purposes relying on the questionnaire as a means of research. The findings reveal teachers’ support and positive attitudes towards the importance of technology for EFL teaching and learning.