Translating the term into structural critical discourse


  • صليحة بردي جامعة الجيلالي بونعامة، خميس مليانة
  • كمال الدين عطاء الله جامعة حسيبة بن بوعلي بالشلف


critical experimentation, terminology, translation, structural terminology


Translation has been at the forefront of critical system-wide terminology mechanisms, as a qualitative intermediary for transferring from the Source language to the Target language, including the structural term, which we attempt to address in this paper. The critical accomplishment witnessed a shift in the approach to literary text; From focusing on context to the format, and to uncover the problem of translating structural terms. We adopt criticism as a systematic way of studying them, If critical studies in the Arab world have not yet succeeded to establish a specific theory of criticism in their reference and submission The monetary system on which we operate is in the judgement of the expatriate, They are becoming unresponsive to critical reading aspirations in the face of text authority, and we therefore recommend that the reasons for a cognitive review of the term ' prior to its procedural adoption, taking into account its assignment functions; in defining concepts and perceptions and investigating what objectivity is supposed to be achieved in the term's industry takes it out of the cycle of confusion resulting from the potential for multiplication, overlap or lack of regard for specialization.