Translation at the Linguistic and Cultural Borders: Translation-Culture Dualism


  • Fatima Zohra ZERHOUNI -BELKACEM École Supérieure d’Économie d’Oran / Laboratoire en Applications Méthodologiques, Analytiques et Opérationnels en Économie


Border, cultural crossover, - culture, - impact, translation


Translation is a cross between cultures. It determines the correlation of all dimensions of cultural activity as inseparable structures. Moreover, culture is expressed through literature and translation, as it unfolds the strangeness of the profession. The role of translation is to bring together several texts and by extension, several cultures. However, translation can deepen the boundary between the original culture and the target culture. This phenomenon indicates a shift of boundaries between literatures. The current world is made up of multicultural spaces that manage to communicate through a language considered international, which wants to be a language of contact However, language is not only a means of communication but a vehicle of culture. Translation, as a social and cultural concern, has an impact on the relations between cultures and literatures, as well as on the development of literary systems.