• Revue Nature et Technologie

          Founded in 2009 by University Hassiba BENBOUALI of Chlef (Algeria) under E-ISSN 2437-0312, “Revue Nature et Technologie” (Nature & Technology Journal) (NATEC) is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed and scientific open access journal which publishes, in English or French, research papers, literature reviews, and communications that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. Its purpose is to provide a publication space for research's work at universities and other research' organizations at national, regional and international levels. NATEC is biannually issued publication (January & June) which consists of three sections: Agronomics and Biological sciences, Fundamental and engineering sciences, and Environmental sciences. The journal covers research studies related to the three fields including some of the allied subjects.

          The publication with NATEC is free of charges (no submission charges / no article processing charges)

          Pending the transfer of all the journal's publishing issues to this website, editions prior to 2018 are hosted on the ASJP platform:

  • Journal of North African Economies

    The Journal of North African Economies A specialized scientific journal, published by Hassiba Ben Bouali University of Chlef is founded since 2004, JNAE aims to become an international economic journal more typically by a continually concern to develop it and by the contribution of researchers and professors .JNAE is a scholarly journal which seeks to publish articles and researches in economic topics that occupy the economic thought and its developments, especially in Algeria and other North African countries. Also, JENA publishes researches interest the Arabic and international economies. It is an open access to publish research of professors and researchers from inside Algeria and abroad in Arabic, French and English language

  • academia

    Academia is an international journal double-blind peer-reviewed, bi-annual and free of charge, open-access journal published by which publishes research articles in the fields of political sciences. Issued by the Arab Policy Reform Laboratory, At Faculty of Law and Political Science Hassiba Benbouali Chlef University, the first issue of the journal was published in June 2013, under ISSN; 2335-111X, EISSN; 2710-8414, The journal is concerned with publishing all serious scientific studies and research in the three languages: Arabic, French and English, which deal with various political and international issues, Academia journal is an academic, peer-reviewed open non-profit journal indexed, All papers around the world are very welcome in our International Journal and can be sent at any time.

  • Roaa mostakbalia for social and human studies

    Roaa mostakbalia for social and human studies, is open access and double-blind peer-reviewed journal, By academics and experts with proven experience, issued by the Laboratory of Applied philosophy and prospective studies , At  the University of Hassiba Ben Bouali-chlef, is a half-yearly academic peer-reviewed journal, it publishes original research in English/ French/and  Arabic languages,   Publishes quality articles related to the social sciences and humanities.

      It is also concerned with publishing studies that concern the future, whether in its scientific or philosophical intellectual aspects.

    It aims to raise awareness of the problems and preoccupations of contemporary man by creating a culture of dialogue and communication, a relativistic spirit, moving away from dogmatic, definitive and transcendent discourse on human reality, deepening research into current issues and anticipating the future.

         Therefore, the journal welcomes original, high-quality research papers that reflect sound methodologies, up-to-date theoretical and empirical analyses, and conform to the journal’s publishing standards and reference article specifications in terms of language, format, and content.

  • Journal of Comparative Legal Studies

    The Comparative Legal Studies Journal is an international, academic, biannual journal, issued by the Laboratory of Comparative Private Law in collaboration with the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Hassiba Ben Bouali University, Chlef.


  • Journal of Languages & Translation

    The Journal of Languages & Translation is an international biannual, peer-reviewed open-access Journal issued by the Laboratory of Information and Communication Technologies in the Teaching of Foreign Languages and Translation (TICELET), Faculty of Foreign Languages, Hassiba Benbouali University of Chlef Algeria. Journal of Languages & Translation is a distinguished journal committed to publishing high-quality and original research in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish. Covering the latest developments in linguistics, literature, and translation. the journal serves as a platform for scholarly exploration and advancement.